3) Never been done



Takes the unique concept of the UNREAL ADVENTURES and intensifies it to a level never seen before.

NBD is a premium show for groups that includes building a unique performance for participants in the event, and enlarging the amount of actors, creating a script that includes a greater amount of scenes, effects, corporations, surprises and special props.

The NBD event creates an illusion of a secret mysterious world for the clients, that is woven around them, happening everywhere they are during the activity.

Our producers and directors will adapt the tour, show and game especially for your event, and turn it into an experience you and your friends will never forget.

All parts of the show and tour can be customized: the location, cast, plot, level of difficulty and stress, rules, and even the route.

The character of the event can be: suspense, horror, fantasy, comedy, bizarre, and more.

Who it’s designed for – Premium clients that are interested in a once-in-a-lifetime experience (Senior manager events, favored customers, guests from abroad, families of the elite, etc.).

Number of participants – Between 5-120 (the participants experience the activity in a group).

Number of staff – between 20-50.

Location – Switzerland and the whole world – you can have the event in non-urban locations (forest, desert, beach, and more).

Activity time – Usually 2-4 hours for the main activity, and a few other scenes that occur a few days or weeks before and after the event.

Optimum preparation time – At least 2 months (We recommend 4-6 months of preparation).

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