Many years ago, after watching “The Game” with Michael Douglas, we stayed glued to the screen with our heads full of thoughts: we wondered if we could somehow provide the incredible feeling of experiencing a virtual reality. Can we bring this “game feeling” into our day-to-day life? The feeling that someone is following us and knows secret things about us. Can we transform someone’s reality, for at least a few hours, into a mysterious James Bond adventure movie in which they can become the main characters?
It took us 17 years to accomplish but now our dream has come true.”

(Alon and Amir—founders of The TLV SHOW)

TLVSHOW breaks the boundaries of the stage and into the streets — combining a tour of Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem streets with an intelligent, interactive game conducted by great actors. It’s an adventure you must try for yourself.

The show transforms its audience into ‘secret agents’ who needs to escape danger and perform challenging missions in the narrow alleys of the city.

For about two and a half hours, your ordinary life will become an action film in which anyone around you is a suspect and you never know who is merely a passer-by, and who is taking part in the show!

Are you absolutely sure you are not already in a game right now?

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