1) Unreal Adventures (OUR MAIN ACTIVITY)

UNREAL ADVENTURES is our main activity that is booked by most groups. During this activity, you will become secret agents and experience a fun & fascinating journey through the old city of Lucerne while interacting with our actors. It’s The perfect activity for tourists, birthdays, team building events, families & friends. The activity is suitable for groups of any size, with a minimum of 8 participants. 

Your group will receive a map and a variety of tools to help you with the puzzles and challenges you’ll meet on the way. Before the activity, our agents conduct a “confidential investigation” of the participants in order to weave details from your lives into the story line. Yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds, and your life is about to turn into a fascinating story. 

While solving the puzzles and challenges, you will meet our actors at various points around the city. Some will help you but watch out – some will try to foil your plans! You will have to figure out who’s an actor and who is an innocent bystander. Each production consists of over 40 producers, directors and actors!

Number of participants – Between 8-700 

Location – Lucerne (Switzerland)

Activity time – 2 hours 

Minimum preparation time – at least 4 days, meaning you need to book the activity at least 4 days before the activity date you wish to book, so we have time to prepare it.
Having said that, please try to book as early as possible, anywhere between 14 to 60 days prior to the game would be great. 


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Unreal adventures® is the international brand name for the Israeli brand TLVSHOW® and is a registered trademark in the EU and the USA.

Our Franchise Program

Be part of our global network and introduce our amazing concept in your city, anywhere in the world and in any language.

We provide a turnkey solution for our franchisees:

  • Setting up the locations and building the game routes.
  • Recruiting the actors and operational staff.
  • Training the actors until the show is fully running and  receive very positive reviews from real customers.
  • Adjusting the scripts, clips and branding materials to fit your location and your clientele.
  • Props & costumes.
  • Sales, pricing, PR and marketing support.
  • Full ongoing support.

If you would like to enquire about our franchise program leave your details in the contact form below and we will get back to you soon.

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Please fill in your contact details for information regarding our franchise

6) Sleep No More


Inspired by the New York show “SLEEP NO MORE,” we turn the building where the event is taking place into a wild playground that the participants need to investigate. The participants show up as usual for a regular day at the office, but within a short time, their natural environment transforms into something totally different.

This concept is suitable for indoor events (an office building, museum, conference hall, shopping mall, etc.), as well as for company events and team building, dedication of a new office, an orientation for knowing a new place (museum, conference hall, etc.)

Who it’s designed for – Clients that own an office building or a few private floors; clients at a convention or a hotel. We will need permission to use the building.


Number of participants – Between 10-500

Number of staff – Between 10-50

Location – Any building in the world

Activity time – 3-5 hours

Optimum preparation time – 3-4 months

5) Global Events




By using the city`s history, local actors and a customized script—we turn any city in the world into our gaming stage. The participants get a world-wide experience they will never forget.

The participants go on a standard tour of the city. But at some point, the tour guide abandons them, and the real adventure begins.

Who it’s designed for – Companies that send their employees to orientation or team-building abroad (law firms, Hi-Tech companies, companies that have branches in different countries; international customers and more).

Number of participants – Between 5-200

Number of staff – Between 2-50

Location – Any city in the world

Activity time – 3 hours (also scenes that take place in the hotel or a few days before the event)

Optimum preparation time – 3-6 months

4) Event Intervention

EVENT INTERVENTION – Adding a buzz to your events

The participants think that they are at another routine, standard event (conference, meal, lecture, exhibition), but soon they will receive a surprise they will not forget.

Our staff enters an existing event and puts on bizarre scenes. We can fit into any event. We usually plant our actors at the beginning of the event, and then, with a secret signal, they break into a scene—but no one suspects them to be actors.

Who it’s designed for – Clients that are doing another activity and want to add a break in routine, a twist that will be simply unforgettable – exhibitions, conventions, orientations, lectures.

Number of participants – Between 10-400

Number of staff – Between 2-10

Location – Switzerland (we can also do a break-in scene abroad)

Activity time – Between a few minutes to half an hour.

Optimum preparation time – One month.

For more information and for booking our activities, please leave your info below or dial +41799441155 and we’ll get back to you soon!

2) The Game



This event will change an ordinary week in the life of the participant into an unlimited experience. This is our most sophisticated, complex event which requires cooperation from family members, friends and even colleagues of the client.

Just like in the movie “The Game” or “The Truman Show,” we create an on-going, unique, and playful experience for the client.

The client will experience coincidences and fascinating situations a long time before the main event.  All the conditions and events will develop without him even knowing that he is in the game. He will only find out the real meaning of everything at the end of the main event.

The experience comprises a few phases:

Collecting information – During this phase, in order to create a unique, exciting, and surprising experience, we need to get to know the client closely, and find out what excites him—what he likes; what’s important to him; and who the people closest to him are. The game that we build will be adjusted according to his preferences and likings.

Creating the script – In this phase, we will build the script for the game including the plot, timetable, scenes and surprises that will be waiting for the client during the months of the game.

The Game – In this phase, (where some of it will happen electronically, and some live, by stunt men and action scenes) the client will meet mysterious people; receive special clues; strange objects, messages and themes connected to the plot. This phase will include scenes that will occur in his residential area, and in his natural environment. The point of this phase is to have the client involved in the game by combining his habitat, our actors and electronic devices. As time goes by, the game will intensify until the climax, which is the final scene.

Final Phase – Exposing the game – The climax is the day it’s all revealed, and all will come together. The client now realizes that the game has been all around him, and he was actually a participant in a game that was planned for months. He will meet the actors; receive pictures and clips of events that happened around him; and lastly, there will be a final scene with all his friends and family.

The character of the event can be: thrilling, detective, horror, fantasy, romance, dream fulfillment, nostalgic, etc.

Who it’s designed for – Everyone who wants to provide something truly unique and life changing for somebody else.

Number of participants – 1

Number of staff – Between 20-100

Location – worldwide

Activity time – Depending on the event (between one day to 6 months)

Optimum preparation time – at least 3-6 months

For more information and for booking our activities, please leave your info below or dial 041 2201157 and we’ll get back to you soon!

3) Never been done



Takes the unique concept of the UNREAL ADVENTURES and intensifies it to a level never seen before.

NBD is a premium show for groups that includes building a unique performance for participants in the event, and enlarging the amount of actors, creating a script that includes a greater amount of scenes, effects, corporations, surprises and special props.

The NBD event creates an illusion of a secret mysterious world for the clients, that is woven around them, happening everywhere they are during the activity.

Our producers and directors will adapt the tour, show and game especially for your event, and turn it into an experience you and your friends will never forget.

All parts of the show and tour can be customized: the location, cast, plot, level of difficulty and stress, rules, and even the route.

The character of the event can be: suspense, horror, fantasy, comedy, bizarre, and more.

Who it’s designed for – Premium clients that are interested in a once-in-a-lifetime experience (Senior manager events, favored customers, guests from abroad, families of the elite, etc.).

Number of participants – Between 5-120 (the participants experience the activity in a group).

Number of staff – between 20-50.

Location – Switzerland and the whole world – you can have the event in non-urban locations (forest, desert, beach, and more).

Activity time – Usually 2-4 hours for the main activity, and a few other scenes that occur a few days or weeks before and after the event.

Optimum preparation time – At least 2 months (We recommend 4-6 months of preparation).


“Many years ago, after watching “The Game” with Michael Douglas, we stayed glued to the screen with our heads full of thoughts: we wondered if we could somehow provide the incredible feeling of experiencing an alternative reality. Can we bring this “game feeling” into our day-to-day life? The feeling that someone is following us and knows secret things about us. Can we transform someone’s reality, for at least a few hours, into a mysterious James Bond adventure movie in which they can become the main characters?
It took us 17 years to accomplish this but now our dream has come true.”

(Alon and Amir—founders of UNREAL ADVENTURES)

UNREAL ADVENTURES breaks the boundaries of the stage and gets into the streets — combining a tour through the old city with an intelligent, interactive game conducted by great actors. It’s an adventure you must try for yourself.

The show transforms its audience into ‘secret agents’ who needs to escape danger and perform challenging missions in the narrow alleys of the city.

For about two hours, your ordinary life will become an adventure movie in which anyone around you is a suspect and you never know who is a bystander and who is taking part in the show!

Are you absolutely sure that you are not already in a game?

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