For Everyone!
Our  adventure is suitable for all ages. It’s the perfect activity for birthdays, team buildings, corporate events (for companies of any size), bachelor & bachelorette parties, anniversaries, and any other reason to embark with your friends, family or coworkers on an unforgettable adventure.
All you need is a group of at best 6 participants or more.

Pricing depends on number of participants and activity chosen- we have a wide range of scenarios to fit every budget. Get in touch with us for more information.

UNREAL ADVENTURES is a completely interactive experience: you and our actors will interact in the beautiful alleys of either Lucerne or Zurich. Together with your group, you will follow the route prepared for you, while encountering our actors and other surprises waiting for you.

UNREAL ADVENTURES is not an escape room, although the two do share similar elements. The overall experience, however, of UNREAL ADVENTURES is quite unique, based on your route progress and solving puzzles and challenges along the way, guided by interactions with our actors. 

Can you solve the mystery and play the main role in our shows? 

The activities take place either in Zurich or in Lucerne. The starting points are confidential and will be provided to you by our representative over the email to you.

During the activity you will receive drinks and light refreshments. We recommend comfortable walking shoes (the route takes place over approximately 1.2 kilometers at a very slow and comfortable pace). During the hot months, you should bring a hat, sunscreen and water. The duration of the activity is about two hours.

We recommend booking at least 4 days in advance, but keep in mind, most groups book several weeks (or even months) in advance, so spaces fill up fast. Once you leave us your contact information, we will get back to you as soon as possible within 24 hours.

Activities take place every day of the week and in all weather. There are dozens of groups each day. The earlier you book, the more openings we’ll have for you to pick the date and time that best suits your group. 

Yes! The recommended minimum is 6 participants, but we also offer activities for hundreds of people at a time! If you are looking for a corporate day or corporate event for the entire organisation – you’ve come to the right place. We also have special events that can come to your place of choice, for example in your office. We also create additional and personalised experiences for special occasions. Our representatives will tell you everything.

Absolutely! We conduct both German and English activities. Just tell the representatives on the phone that you are interested in an English show.

Our inspiration came from the films “The Game” directed by David Fincher, starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn, and “The Truman Show” starring Jim Carrey. Recently released, the movie “Game Night” has features that are reminiscent of the experience we produce. Finally, add the touches of “Million Dollar Race” meets “James Bond” 🙂

The UNREAL ADVENTURES gives you an unforgettable and unparalleled experience. It is a very complex production, with years of thought and development behind it. Tens of thousands of companies, organizations, businesses and individuals have gone through it and all of them agree that this is one of the most worthwhile experiences. We have a 96% satisfaction rate and over 500 five-star ratings! Come see what everyone is raving about! 

Leaving your details on this site activates a clock counting down from 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, a special mechanism is activated which releases a secret mail pigeon waiting on the roof of Grossmünster. The dove flies toward a secret base and hands over the information to an agent. Inside the envelope are instructions for the agent, which states that he must call the Dimona nuclear reactor and give them a secret code. When the reactor receives the code, they press the red button and launch the missiles…
Just kidding 🙂 After leaving your details, we will simply call you back within 24 hours to tell you more about the activity 🙂

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