Number of participants – Between 10-400

Number of staff – Between 2-10

Location – In Israel (We also can do a break-in scene abroad)

Activity time – Between a few minutes to half an hour.

Optimum preparation time – One month.


Inspired by the New York show “SLEEP NO MORE,” we turn the building where the event is taking place into a wild playground that the participants need to investigate. The participants show up as usual for a regular day at the office, but within a short time, their natural environment transforms into something totally different.

This concept is suitable for indoor events (an office building, museum, conference hall, shopping mall, etc.), as well as for company events and team building, dedication of a new office, an orientation for knowing a new place (museum, conference hall, etc.)

Who it’s designed for – Clients that own an office building or a few private floors; clients at a convention or a hotel. We will need permission to use the building.

Number of participants – Between 10-500

Number of staff – Between 10-50

Location – Any building in the world

Activity time – 3-5 hours

Optimum preparation time – 3-4 months

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